Whether you're RED, BLU, or have the cold beating heart of a machine in your chest cavity, we can all agree that getting dressed up for the holidays is pretty cool. Especially when you throw giant robots into the mix.

According to VG247, Team Fortress 2 will be getting a big update soon, all in the spirit of the season. The new content includes a new map, called Big Rock, for the Mann Vs Machine mode, in which human players face off against hordes of their robotic counterparts.

What's new is that the mecha-engineer makes his debut, bringing his own brand of teleport-hopping, player-destroying punishment to the game. If the art on the official TF2 website is anything to go by, these things will be over 100-feet tall, rivaling the stars of Japanese kaiju movies (though the descriptions assure us that this is not the case).

The update also marks the return of the Naughty & Nice Crates, which hold various festive goodies within, but will require specials keys bought from the Mann Co. store in order to be unlocked. All of this good stuff is set to go live on January 3rd, 2013, so those who want to fight the mecha-engineer while wearing holiday gear had best hope that the end doesn't come tomorrow.