Valve and Adult Swim are partnering up again to bring us iconic costumes for Team Fortress 2. The Heavy as Brock Samson? We'll take it!

An update on the Team Fortress 2 blog teases the arrival of the Adult Swim store and the many goodies it will offer. Soon you'll be able to live out your weird cross-over dreams when the store opens and you can buy iconic Adult Swim character outfits. Some examples of the costumes mentioned in the post include the Monarch's Henchmen and Brock Samson from The Venture Bros. and Dr. Rockzo from Metalocalypse.

A page on the Adult Swim website features 360-degree previews of Team Fortress 2 characters already outfitted with the costumes, like a RED Scout in a Henchman suit, a BLU Heavy as Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a RED Heavy with Brock Samson's hair, and a RED Pyro as Dr. Rockzo, the rock 'n roll clown. Please excuse us while we shudder at the sight of that last one for a few minutes.

The store will be coming to Steam soon, but there's no word on any official dates. Let us know in the comments section below if you're looking forward to any specific character costumes from your Adult Swim favorites!