Mortal Kombat

Cosplay Clash
Scorpion is nearing the end of his journey as he puts a win against Sagat under his belt. He just needs one more victory to make it into the Cosplay Hall of Fame, but can he put down Kung Lao in order to get it?
Zelda vs Kitana - Cosplay Clash
The battle of the princesses rages on! Princess Zelda has defeated Princess Peach. But now she goes up against Princess Kitana, the fan-wielding kombatant from the Mortal Kombat series. Will their be a new princess in power after today?
Cosplay of the Day
Show us the green! Look out, because today's featured cosplay is Jade, from Mortal Kombat, the awesome assassin who also happens to be Princess Kitana's best friend.

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