Animal Crossing: New Leaf

10 Best Animal Crossing: New Leaf Cheats
Animal Crossing: New Leaf has a dedicated group of die hard fans that love this game to bits. They take their 3DS’s everywhere in the hopes to pop it open and enter their own little world, even if it's for a few minutes. Don’t worry though...
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review
Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the latest entry in the famed life-sim series that sticks you in a new town, surrounded by a bunch of colorful animal friends. Like before, you start from very humble beginnings, without a penny (or a Bell, the town's currency), to your name, but are given a house anyway…
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing: New Leaf will come out this summer, so while we prepare for our big move to another town, let's check out some of the new info and goodies that have just debuted to get us even more excited.
Animal 3DS
Today's Nintendo Direct announced that Animal Crossing: New Leaf is receiving a big ol' Nintendo 3DS XL bundle, giving you another reason to spend both your time and money on the chance to live with a bunch of furry friends.
Animal Crossing
The Nintendo Direct video today showed a lot to be excited about for when it comes to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The best thing about the new game? You're no longer beholden to Tom Nook and his incessant chore-giving.