The Nintendo Direct video today showed a lot to be excited about for when it comes to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The best thing about the new game? You're no longer beholden to Tom Nook and his incessant chore-giving.

In fact, as soon as you set foot in town, you become the mayor! As if becoming the head honcho on your very first day of moving in wasn't cool enough, the only task you're given is picking a location to plant a tree. After that, you can pick a spot to build your house and then commence your life in the furniture-collecting sim.

The game, as a whole, seems to have been revamped to take out all of the monotony that existed in previous iterations. You also take out a smaller loan at the outset of the game, which means you can pay it off quickly and then start decorating your home.

And for all of you that want your homes to stand out, you can also decorate the outside of your home now. Because, c'mon -- who doesn't want to live in a house that looks like an Edo period Japanese castle?

Check out the trailer and the screens below to see more of Animal Crossing: New Leaf in action! Look out for the game when it's released on June 9th, 2013!