Hope you're hungry because we've got a full plate of news for you to enjoy on this lovely June 13, 2013.

Star Wars: Battlefront Team Will Have Battlefield Veterans


DICE has plenty of good heads to spare, Lord Vader. [READ MORE]

Mirror's Edge Sequel Will Have More Action


There will be running, too. We hope. [READ MORE]

Final Fantasy 15 Might Get Its Own Sequels

Square Enix

But the regular game hasn't even come out yet. [READ MORE]

Microsoft Talks Changes to Xbox One Achievements


Cheevos dropping left and right. [READ MORE]

Polytron Announces Fez 2

Polytron Corporation

Be honest. How many of you actually finished the first one? [READ MORE]

Metal Gear Solid 5 Will Look Better on Next-Gen Than in Trailers

Kojima Productions

How is that even possible, Kojima? [READ MORE]