Supergiant Games' 2011 indie hit, Bastion, and its latest release, Transistor, have helped the company gain a lot of widespread acclaim.

The small, 12-person team at San Jose-based Supergiant Games have seen some successes over the past few years. While some of its members were former EA devs who worked for the Command & Conquer series, Supergiant Games didn't appear on anyone's radar until mid-2011. The debut title of Supergiant Games, Bastion, was starting to become more and more popular and rose to a superstar rank as one of the greatest indie titles ever made.

Supergiant Games has revealed that, since its July 2011 debut, Bastion has sold over 3 million copies, which is amazing for an indie title. While it just debuted a few months ago, Transistor has sold over 600,000 copies. This means that Transistor's rate of sales are much higher when compared to Bastion's slow start. Word-of-mouth helped work in Supergiant's favor in its earlier years. Now, it seems that people are starting to associate the studio with quality, which is why Transistor is on its way to a great start.

Transistor won a multitude of awards and nominations throughout 2014, such as IGN's Best Overall Game, Koalition's Best Indie Game of 2014 and all sorts of other awards from other websites so we'll just stop naming them all because they're not Arcade Sushi. Let's just say, Transistor and Bastion are amazing and Supergiant's team is doing stellar work.

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