Supergiant Games has opened up pre-orders for their upcoming role-playing game, Transistor, as well as for the game's soundtrack.

The game's official website is now equipped with a pre-order widget for the game's PlayStation 4 or PC versions, which will both be released on May 20. You'll be able to download the game through the PlayStation Network and Steam come May 20 after you drop $19.99 for the pre-order, which can be completed through PayPal or with Amazon Payments.

The game's original soundtrack is also up for pre-order in its many forms. It will also be released on May 20 and is available in a digital version for $9.99 and $14.99 for a digital version with a CD. Getting this soundtrack will net you with over 60 minutes of music by Darren Korb with vocals by Ashley Barrett.

Head over to the game's official site to pre-order the game and original soundtrack now.