2011’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most robust games to ever grace PC screens. With countless quests to complete, dungeons to raid, lands to explore and dragons to slay, the game offers almost everything a gamer could want in an open-world RPG. You know what Skyrim doesn’t have, though? Goombas. Fortunately, a Skyrim modder has remedied this grave oversight with his new mod, Super Skyrim Bros.

Super Skyrim Bros. adds an entirely new landmass to Skyrim, and fills it with brick blocks, Koopas, gold coins and warp pipes to create a Super Mario Bros. homage that’s as amazing as it is unsettling. Much like Super Mario Bros. 2, the in-game justification for such an incongruous land appearing in the world of Tamriel comes from the main character’s subconscious. When a player enters the new abandoned house and sleeps in the “Dream Bed,” they will awaken in the brightly colored world of Super Mario Bros.

The mod takes into account much more than just visual mimicry, and offers new weapons, enemies, power-ups and prizes for players to collect. While fighting against Gooombas, Koopas, Ninjis, Pokeys and Spinies, players will don the iconic red and blue garb of the world’s most famous plumber and utilize Mario-themed weaponry. At the outset of the Super Skyrim Bros. mini-game, players are granted a 2-handed hammer called the Plumbers Hammer and a pair of One-Handed Hammers, and can collect other weapons as they traverse the Mushroom Kingdom, like the lightning-infused Mega Mallet and several Fire Flower variants that serve as magical staffs. There’s even a Conjure Goomba ability for players who focus more on conjuration than melee combat. Waluigi and Bowser serve as the mod’s main boss characters, with Freezy Flake, Pyro and Goomba King as sub-bosses.

Amazingly, Super skyrim Bros. consists of one mod, making installation a breeze. It’s surprisingly stable, and doesn’t affect the rest of the game map, making it a no-risk proposition for Skyrim players looking for a new experience based on a classic game.