Are you a fan of Samus and her adventures as a bounty hunter? Feel like your days could use some more of that adventurous Metroid pep? Then check out this release for the Super Metroid Symphony album!

Blake Robinson's Synthetic Orchestra (which is comprised of just Blake Robinson himself), has unleashed this symphonic version of the Super Metroid soundtrack in honor of the 19th Anniversary of the game. The album will be available for $9.99 on iTunes and Loudr, letting anyone who wants to get their hands on the symphonic, DRM-free album a chance to ensure that Robinson can create more aural wonders in the future.

Robinson used a, "large array of software and sample libraries," that he's collected throughout the years, like FL Studio, Spitfire Audio, Cinesamples, Project Sam, and custom instruments in order to create this album, which certainly sounds like a labor of love.

You can watch the trailer for the album below and preview the songs on the official site. Will you be grabbing this synthetic orchestra version of the Super Metroid soundtrack? Let us know!