Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive is about a lot of things. Shooting mutants. Doing sicknasty tricks. Saying the f-word a lot. One thing it's generally not about, however, is exploring the spectrum of human emotion. With the new "D'awwwwww" achievement, things are about to get a whole lot warm-and-fuzzier.

The "D'awwwwww" achievement requires players to hunt around Sunset City for twelve very special pieces of graffiti; these tags weren't created by professional artists, but by four-year-old Ainsley Murray, daughter of Sunset Overdrive director Drew Murray. In addition to netting you a whopping 175 achievement points, finding all of Ainsley's drawings unlocks a new outfit for your ever-expanding wardrobe.

In a bit of an odd move, Insomniac included a "how-to" video (seen above) and a map (see below) with this achievement, which shows you exactly where to go and how to snag those sweet points. While showing players exactly what to do is handy, it also feels like it defeats the purpose of creating a fun little scavenger hunt. I'm sure Insomniac just wanted to let everyone grab the achievement without much muss and fuss, but, hey, that's what all the YouTube Let's Players are for. Still, the achievement's nice, the outfit is neat, and it's wonderful to see a bit of real human emotion injected into the frequently emotionless world of video games.


Sunset Overdrive's been around for a few months now, but thanks to a steady influx of new, sometimes paid, sometimes free, content like this, its playerbase has remained strong. We look forward to seeing what other neat goodies Insomniac includes in the future.

Sunset Overdrive is available exclusively for the Xbox One.

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