Still haven't gotten a chance to go gun-crazy throughout Sunset City? Or did you already beat Sunset Overdrive and finish all of its achievements? Either way, we've got some good news for you.

The Xbox Wire has announced that Sunset Overdrive is getting a temporary discount as well as 25 gamerscore points-worth of new achievements. Since its debut this past October, Sunset Overdrive has proven itself to be a must-have for the Xbox One, offering gameplay that seamlessly blends the gameplay styles of Dead Rising and Jet Set Radio into an overtly fun third-person shooter. There are going to be additional achievements coming in the next few months as well as another add-on pack coming soon.

Here are the three Challenge-based achievements being added:

Hardcore!: Buck National vs The Apocalypse
Beat the score of 600,000 on the Challenge "Buck's National vs The Apocalypse."

Hardcore!: Buck Strikes Back
Beat the score of 564,500 on the Challenge "Buck's Strikes Back."

Hardcore!: Buck Stops Here
Beat the score of 703,700 on the Challenge "Buck's Stops Here."

Xbox Live Gold Members who have yet to join into the killtastic ways of Sunset Overdrive are going to be able to digitally purchase the game for a 40 percent discount (approximately $35,99 based on its current price of $59.99). You better jump on that discount quick -- it's only being offered for a limited time.

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