Sunset Overdrive has been making its fans laugh since the game launched, but now it's getting serious with its new Mooil Rig DLC.

Insomniac recently posted a new video featuring Xbox Live's Larry Hyrb explaining all the awesome things that will come out with its new DLC. First of all, the DLC will bring in an all new area to the game, Mooil Rig. There's a distress signal that goes off and you're first on the scene. However, it doesn't seem that everyone knows you're trying to help when the well-armed workers turn on you... not to mention the mutant sea creatures.

There's more than just a new story line to this DLC--there are new missions, quests, and challenges. Plus, since this all essentially takes place on an island, Insomniac Games took pity on its poor players and put in two new moves. The first is Water Dive, where you can dive underwater for a brief period before jumping out, and Water Slam Bounce, where you can melee smash into the water and then shoot out of it at quite a velocity and altitude. Players can also expect new weapons, amps, traps, chaos squad objectives, and a new rivet gun.

Make sure you vote for which hat you would like to see as a chaos squad vanity reward while you wait for this DLC to come out on Dec. 23 for Xbox One.

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