The already over-the-top action game Sunset Overdrive goes a little further over the top with the release of its first weapon pack, the addition of player voting, and more!

Four new weapons, four new ways of raining chaos down on the mutant hordes of Sunset City. In this first pack we get the poison-spewing Plague Bomb, the part defensive, part exploding Shield Buddy, the massively destructive Multi-lock Rocket Launcher, and the Rager, a gun which releases chemical clouds to induce '28 Days Later'-style rage in your enemies to trick them into attacking each other instead of you.

Additionally, Insomniac Games will be adding bi-weekly events where players will vote on new content for the game. In the first election, players get a choice between two different DLC outfits, and the winner will be given to them free of charge and featured in an upcoming story-based DLC pack. It's nice to see developers figuring out ways of keeping their communities lively once a game is released. Too often they're content to simply trickle out paid DLC rather than maintaining a continuous dialogue with an evolving playerbase. Insomniac Games has made it clear they want Sunset Overdrive to change to fit what the players want.

Sunset Overdrive is available now for the Xbox One.

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