After a lengthy tournament filled with awesome entries, Insomniac Games' and Polygon's create-a-Sunset-Overdrive-character competition has ended with a winner: Chase Nichol, designer of the soon-to-be implemented hip-hop samurai.

Sunset Overdrive art director Jacinda Chew was impressed with Nichols' design, saying, "Sunset Overdrive fashion has three components— mainstream fashion, the stuff anyone would wear; street clothing; and costumes, clothing that's inspired by a culture or event. How you mix and match those is really key to getting the Sunset Overdrive fashion. I think the one thing Chase did really well was he used street fashion really well. It was cool, it was relevant and it was hip. It's something that you'd want to wear now. That fashion aspect of the design is something that not everybody got... it looks current, relevant, edgy and cool."

The 25 year old Chase Nichol hadn't actually played Sunset Overdrive when he entered the contest. He's an art student studying entertainment design at the Art Center College for Design in Pasedena, so he can't exactly afford an Xbox One. He has, however, played many of Insomniac's previous games, and is a huge fan of the developer's work, and says that some of the early character designs are what helped get him into art.

Soon Sunset Overdrive's rabid fanbase will be able to get their hands on Chase's hip-hop samurai gear, and, like most of the in-game clothes, they'll be provided to the playerbase free of charge.

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