Insomniac Games' E3 trailer for its upcoming, rail-grinding third-person shooter, Sunset Overdrive, is filled with personality and fun.

This trailer for Sunset Overdrive reminds us that "on-rail shooters" aren't as cut-and-dry as we thought. In fact, Sunset Overdrive offers so many options for dispatching enemies, it takes the on-rail shooting experience on a roller coaster, literally. Taking the grinding and aerial gameplay of Jet Set Radio mixed with the over-the-top combat of Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive looks to be filled with agile, acrobatic, on-the-go and monster-slaying chaos.

Sunset Overdrive's E3 trailer stars a nameless protagonist who effortless dispatches a room full of guys armed with assault rifles. As he takes to the air and dispatches each guy effortlessly, we see some of the guys cowering behind cover. The character jests at these guys (and at the action genre for always forcing characters into cover) as he starts grinding rails and soars through the air, gunning down each soldier one by one. Upon reaching the rooftop and seeing the monstrous enemies of Sunset Overdrive, we find out this guy isn't even the main character, he's just a stand-in for your own character. Insomniac Games also has a multiplayer mode that it has in the works.

Sunset Overdrive will be pop open its first monstrous energy drink on Oct. 28, exclusively for Xbox One.

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