Only a few short days after it was announced that the 3DS RPG Stella Glow would be headed to North America, the company's president has gone mysteriously missing.

Kotaku reports that the website for both Imageepoch and the company's special JRPG site have gone down and have yet to come back up. Plus, no one is able to find the president of Imageepoch, Ryoei Mikage. It's become such a problem that the president of Idea Factory, a game developer working on Makai Shin Trillion of which Imageepoch is the publisher, has resorted to public posts on social media in a plea for Mikage to contact him. His Tweet pleaded for Mikage to contact him, hoping to get in touch. Since no reply came from his first tweet, Yoshiteru Sato has sent out another asking for information not just from Mikage, but from anyone who has been in contact with him.

Sato isn't the only one having a problem contacting Imageepoch or Mikage, though. There were rumors that many developers have been steadily leaving Imageepoch as well as other rumors that the company's offices went up for rent. Plus, when Kotaku representatives tried to contact Imageepoch via its phone number, they got a recording that stated the phone number was no longer in use.

It's all very suspicious, but the bottom line is that we hope that Mikage does show up at some point and that when he does, he is okay. We know that sometimes when businesses go under, their leaders can sometimes take these things the hardest. For now, it's just be a waiting game to figure out what is going on with Imageepoch, Makai Shin Trillion and Stella Glow, which is slated for release in Japan in June as well as North America sometime this year for the Nintendo 3DS.

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