Curve Studios has made a name for itself in the indie game publishing world by bringing high-quality titles like Proteus, Lone Survivior and Thomas Was Alone to Sony’s consoles, and porting the Vita shooter, Velocity Ultra, to PCs. This year, Curve will bring three more titles to Sony platforms; Titan Attacks, Mousecraft and The Swapper. The company’s Marketing Manager, Rob Clarke, strengthened the perception of a Sony/Curve connection when he publicly touted the PS4s indie development system as superior to the Xbox One’s last month. Strangely, though, Curve’s next console exclusive will be coming to a platform wholly unused to indie titles: the Wii U.

A sequel to 2011’s Stealth Inc. (released on PS3 and Vita), Stealth Inc. 2 will mix elements of platforming and stealth to a formula that has been described as a cross between classic Metal Gear games and Super Meat Boy.

While the Wii U isn’t seen as a hotbed for indie titles, Curve does have history with Nintendo. The company produced Fluidity, a WiiWare game from 2010, and its sequel, Fluidity: Spin Cycle for the 3DS in 2012.

In an interview with CVG, Managing director of Curve, Jason Perkins, cited the large install base and relative dearth of competition on the console as reasons he believes the Wii U presents an untapped market for indie titles. The game will also utilize the Wii U’s proprietary GamePad to introduce co-op play to the series for the first time. No confirmed date is available as of yet, but the sequel is expected in 2014.