State of Decay is a nifty little title coming to us from Undead Labs, all set to show us the finer points of living in a post-apocalyptic world littered with zombies and no internet. And you know what? We honestly don't know which part of that is scarier.

The new trailer is filled with scenes of carnage, mayhem, blood-splattering violence, and some occasional downtime that one can spend decorating and customizing a medical tent.

There's also a tree fort which, as everyone who's watched The Sandlot knows, can be a very prime location for forming battle strategies and hiding from the legions of the undead. After all, verticality is one of the best weapons to use against zombies.

State of Decay's third-person action seems to take place in a sleepy mountain town where all heck has broken loose and terror sweeps through the streets. You'll take control of a survivor and try to stay alive by building up a home base, fortifying your defenses, going out to raid different locations for supplies, and saving other survivors from becoming food for zeds.

The game will hit the Xbox LIVE Arcade on the Xbox 360 in June 2013, so watch the trailer below and get ready for some summer lovin' with zombies!