When Undead Labs hired contractors to develop parts of State of Decay, they didn't mean body parts. While many artists initial their works, these guys left something much worse — penises.

Let's just get this out of the way, State of Decay has penises hidden in it. Many penises, like in the environment. XBLA Fans reports that as Undead Labs was working on the HD version of the game and upping its resolution and texture qualities, its team members found that some of its contractors that helped develop the original parts of State of Decay sporadically left penis drawings hidden in its backgrounds and textures. What dicks.

However, the phalluses don't take away from all the awesome upgrades it's doing to the State of Decay's graphics (especially since Undead Labs removed every penis they could). Many who played the game at PAX East claim that there was even more vegetation in this version than its old build. Gotta grow out the bushes to hide the dicks, we guess. However, Undead Labs explained that's not true.

"The textures are more intricate... so it feels thicker because you can actually see all the details and stuff," Undead Labs Senior Designer, Geoffrey Card, explained (a poor choice of words in a news story like this).

While we're still wondering why the penises weren't visible in the higher resolution PC version of the State of Decay, fans should know that there won't be any random genitalia in the Year-One Survival Edition (even if some people would find that hilarious). Just make sure you keep an eye out while playing.

Zip 'em up, because State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition is set to hit the Xbox One on April 28.