Blizzard has revealed the release date and the opening cinematic for the third and final chapter of StarCraft II, Legacy of the Void.

As always, Blizzard remains one of the best cinematic developers in the gaming industry. Whether it be Warcraft, Diablo or StarCraft, Blizzard's cinematics are always filled with insane action, fan service and a ton of badassery. Here, we see the Protoss trying to take back their homeworld of Aiur. Watch as two High Templar fuse into an Archon and start dealing all kinds of Psionic damage on the battlefield. Unfortunately, even the powerful Archon is overwhelmed by the sheer number of Zerg to fight.

For nearly 2 thousand years, Aiur was the capital of the Protoss empire, until the Zerg launched a full-scale invasion, ravaging every major city and settlement the Protoss had on the planet. The Zerg Overmind settled on the planet's surface as well. Despite the united efforts of the Terrans and Protoss, Kerrigan and her Zerg gained control of Aiur after the Overmind was destroyed. Even after the multitude of death, destruction and corruption that has plagued Aiur over the years, the Protoss have returned in full force to reclaim their homeland.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void will launch on Nov. 10 for PC. Legacy of the Void acts as a standalone expansion, meaning those without StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty or the Heart of the Swarm expansion are able to play it by its lonesome, despite it continuing the story of StarCraft II's previous two chapters.

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