The developers behind Terraria have placed their newest effort, Starbound, up for pre-order. From the looks of it, you can get some pretty sweet perks if you fork over enough cash.

Starbound is the new spiritual successor to Terraria. It has basically been described as Terraria in space with an even heavier focus on co-op. The game looks simply fantastic. With the retro styling and new and fantastic planets to explore, Starbound looks like a winner.

If you want to check out Starbound, $15 will get you a pre-order of the game with soundtrack and beta access. For a bit more money, you can help design parts of the game. Also, for a heap of change, you can be featured as an in-game statue so all that play can gaze upon your face and thank you for your contribution to Starbound.

Starbound is due out sometime in 2013 for PC, Mac, and Linux.