Minecraft took the world by storm in 2009, and since then, has expanded to become the most successful indie game of all time. Minecraft provides players with unparalleled freedom to explore as they please, build what they want, and express themselves, however they choose. Terraria incorporates some of those great Minecraftian elements and wraps them up in a package that's a bit more on the Metroidvania side. Both of these amazing titles will fill your free hours with ore-mining, monster-fighting adventures, but, at the end of the voxel-based day, which game mines harder?

Best update schedule: Minecraft. Since its inception Minecraft has had a constant slew of updates, keeping the playerbase fat and happy.


Best in-game goals: Terraria. Terraria has a number of bosses for the player to face off against, and countless suits of armor, accessories, weapons, and magic items to collect and master, giving the player a real sense of purpose.


Best creative freedom: Minecraft. You can build damn near anything you can think of utilizing Minecraft — rollercoasters, rocketships, calculators... someone even went so far as to create a giant computer that ran a primitive version of Minecraft within Minecraft.


Best boss fights: Terraria. Minecraft has few to no boss fights, while Terraria's packed to the gills with them.


Best artistic style: Minecraft. Minecraft's voxel-based style may not look like the most technologically advanced aesthetic, but it's unique and memorable.


Best urban legend around the game: Minecraft. I just have one word for you: Herobrine.


Winner: Minecraft

Terraria is an amazing game, one that we here at Arcade Sushi have sunken 100+ hours into, but it's hard to contend against the titanic title that is Minecraft. Something about the game stimulates the imagination in a way that few games do, making us all feel like children exploring our backyards again.