A new card-based strategic title, Star Wars: Assault Team, has its hyperdrive set on reaching smartphones.

According to Disney Interactive's Tumblr, LucasArts (or whatever is left of them) and Disney Interactive are allowing limited, early access to Assault Team, which is a turn-based, card-oriented strategy game. Expect to see many familiar faces as both heroes and enemies as you go from landmark to landmark of the Star Wars universe.

You will be able to have multiple characters (found via an in-game card form) fight off small groups of enemies with a variety of weapons. These weapons are known to be synonymous with their character, so expect that Luke Skywalker will have both his lightsaber and a blaster available.

Star Wars: Assault Team has early access being offered in select, international smartphone markets. It will be officially hitting the mobile market for both iOS and Android sometime this Spring.