Obsidian is currently hiring for a new next generation game, which the developer hints will be an action RPG.

The level designer job listing was spotted by OXM UK, and though we haven't heard much about Obsidian's plans beyond South Park: The Stick of Truth before, it certainly looks like the developer is getting ready to go new places. As per the listing, the candidate will "produce interesting 3D levels with exciting, engaging gameplay." Obsidian is also looking for someone who will plan and create "missions/quests, scripted sequences, encounters, challenges and rewards."

New job postings have been a frequent source of early intel on next generation plans for plenty of developers in the past, and there's little doubt that will change once the next-gen becomes current gen. Obsidian has gotten the short end of the stick a few times recently, what with South Park's near cancellation and Fallout: New Vegas missing out on bonuses due to its aggregate score. Whether this new game can live up to the previous highs remains to be seen, but we're certainly interested when a team with a pedigree as strong as Obsidian's is creating something new.