We love it when fans cosplay customizable characters from video games because it opens up a wealth of possibilities and creativity. And today we're featuring the main character from Fallout: New Vegas!

Here's Mandy, also known as K-A-N-A, from Germany with her Fallout: New Vegas-inspired cosplay. It's a take on the Merc Charmer outfit, as worn by the game's protagonist, the Courier.

Now, because you can customize your own character, there are many options for the Courier in terms of appearance. Mandy opted for a cute look with her character's red hair up in a sidetail with a pair of goggles resting on top. She's even rocking the Rebar Club, a very crude in-game weapon made of concrete and pipes. She looks so fetching in the Merc Charmer suit that we wouldn't mind spending our post-apocalyptic days as one of her companions.

She's even got a nifty Pip Boy on her arm. We can't tell if it's functional from the pictures, but we sure hope it can at least measure radiant levels. Mandy's got the suit, the weapon, and the accessories, so all she really needs to survive out there is a loyal companion or two. And as we've said, we'd be more than glad to offer our services ... as long as we don't have to fight giant Rad Scorpions.

Check out her other costumes, a lot of which are inspired by anime, here on her Facebook or deviantART. Just don't leave any rude comments, because that Rebar Club looks like it would hurt.

Wolfgang S.