The sequel to this unique game created by one of the original designers of Mega Man is finally shipping out from Japan.

Soul Sacrifice Delta, a sequel to last year's sleeper PS Vita hit is being localized in preparation for a western release, Joystiq reports. Delta was released throughout Asia earlier this month but we have not heard any word of it being sent overseas until today. The Australian Classification Board, which works similarly to our ESRB, has recently given a rating to the PS Vita-based sequel, which is a good sign that we could eventually see it.

Delta would expand upon the third-person, possession-based action sequences of the first title. Be prepared to accept quests, hit battle arenas and decide whether or not to spare the bosses you encounter.

Again, you can save your vanquished bosses in order to increase your life or sacrifice them in order to increase your magic's power. Since the spells of Soul Sacrifice are limited, you must be wary when you choose between refilling and powering up your health or doing the same for your magic, because if you run out of attacks, you lose. We will continue to provide up-to-date coverage on Soul Sacrifice Delta once more information becomes available.