These three titles are the latest of imports to come from the Land of the Rising Sun over to the PlayStation Vita.

Sid Shuman, JAPAN Studio's social media manager, has posted on the PlayStation Blog that Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines are all slated for Western releases on the PS Vita. The first of these titles to arrive will be Soul Sacrifice Delta, a dark fantasy adventure title, which is the expanded version of the original Soul Sacrifice that came out last year.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is a JRPG where you control an old Japanese clan who have been cursed with having lives that only pan-out to a maximum of two years. You must lift the curse and evoke the power of mythological gods in order to help restore order to your clan and to stop what cursed your clan in the beginning.

The third title, Freedom Wars, is an action-RPG set in a dystopian world filled with prisoners given million-year-long sentences set from birth (what is up with these weird JRPG lifespans?). You play a prisoner who must fight for freedom by doing various good deeds in the world that will reduce your near-indefinite incarceration.

Soul Sacrifice Delta has a release date of May 13. Unfortunately, Oreshika and Freedom Wars have not had any sort of launch window attached to them yet.

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