According to Gamespot, Sony is hard at work developing two new Invizimals games, one for the PlayStation 3 and one for the Vita. Great news for anyone who likes playing with millions of invisible creatures and, you know, isn’t suffering from hallucinations.

The first game is called Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom. The title is being developed by Magenta Software, the same company responsible for Buzz Jr. Meant for younger gamers, Invizimals: The Lost kingdom follows a protagonist named Hiro (yes, really), who is suddenly transported to the Invizimals world. He soon finds that he has the ability to transform into an Invizimal himself and uses this power to save the world from an evil robot army. It’s as if someone distilled corny Saturday morning cartoons into one video game!

The other title is called Invizimals: The Alliance and is being released by Novarama Technology, the same company that did the PSP versions. The Alliance will be much like previous PSP Invizimals games.  It will make use of the PS Vita’s camera to create an augmented reality environment in which you can find, capture, train, and battle Invizimals.

The two games will be capable of cross-play, but in a peculiar way. You won’t be able to transfer your game saves directly between the PS Vita and PS3, but you will be able to transfer the creatures that you have collected. For example, if you upload your Invizimals from the PS Vita to the PS3 you will be able to take place in four person arena battles.

No release date has been given for either Invizimals title. We will bring you more information on the two Invizimals offerings as we get closer to E3.