Sony’s PlayStation Vita has been something of a sales disappointment. With only 8.2 million units sold since its launch in February 2012, the touch-sensitive handheld has lagged far behind its competitor, the Nintendo 3DS, which has moved almost 45 million units in its three years of existence. One of the biggest problems the Vita has faced is a dearth of AAA titles. In a post on the PlayStation Blog message boards, Sony addressed this situation, saying that they “Have to do something different.”

When asked about the lack of major titles on the Vita, Sony representative Don Mesa responded to the criticism, stating, “The economics simply don’t work with the traditional process. We have to do something different to get AAA games on Vita.” Mesa referenced the ability of the Vita to play PlayStation 4 games through remote play, then remarked, “PS Now will be another way, streaming PS3 games on Vita. I can’t wait until PS Now is out on Vita – I hope you’ll try out the experience and let me know what you think.”

PS Now will open up the Vita to the massive PS3 library, allowing players to play countless AAA titles, but the Vita needs AAA hits of its own that take advantage of the console’s unique features. It sounds like Sony is aware of this, and while they haven’t given any details on how they plan to do it, the hardware and software giant will be focusing on bringing more robust and high-quality experiences to the Vita to complement the growing indie library.