When fans are true, things happen and this time it was Sonic X-Treme being ported to PC so that everyone can enjoy the game that never saw its launch.

Kotaku reports that it all started in 1997 when Sonic X-Treme, what should have been Sonic the Hedgehog's 3D debut, was cancelled. The game was taken away from fans before its life even started. However, it seems that some people just weren't cool with that and now, almost 20 years later, those people have risen up to the challenge, and are working to bring the game to PC. It is worth mentioning that the game wasn't cancelled because of money issues, but instead because the two main developers of the game came down with a life threatening illness (which turned out to thankfully be not so life threatening) and pneumonia. The game was at least partially finished when the decision was made to cancel it, but it wasn't finished enough to actually be released.

Because of this, it seems that fans do have something to work off of when they're porting it to PC, even if, for right now, there's only one level available. Apparently, they are looking to bring over more levels eventually as they explained on the Sonic Retro forums.

"However, We'd like to point out that this is a single level release.( More builds and levels to come later !)

We would also like you to know that this is an almost as is port of the engine (Almost as how the original developers had left it, A snapshot in time "if you will".

This first public release consists of a Jungle level, which I like to refer to as "The E3 Jade Gully level" since it was shown in one of the E3 96 Promo videos."


If you're just excited as we are about the newly ported Sonic X-Treme, you can get your copy now at ASSEMblergames.