We might never become as good as Jackson, the amazing sniper from Saving Private Ryan, but the closest we'll get is in Sniper Elite V2, the WWII shooter from Rebellion. And now we'll get our chance to live up to the sharpshooter's skills in the new St. Pierre downloadable content pack.

The DLC will feature a battle in St. Pierre, a little French village. Agent Fairburne will take on Rodebrecht, the German general, equipped with the Lee Enfield No. 3 and the M1D Garand rifles.

The DLC will cost 400 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360 and $4.99 on the PlayStation Network.

You can view the heartbeat-slowing trailer below, courtesy of Machinima, and let us know if you're going to weaponize math by taking angles and the Coriolis Effect into account in St. Pierre.