A new character is coming to the Skullgirls fighting game, and unlike her, we're not keeping our lips zipped about it!

Let's all welcome Squigly, the newest member of the Skullgirls family! She certainly does look like a Squigly, doesn't she? This cute monster joins the likes of Filia, Cerebella, Ms. Fortune, and Painwheel in the popular 2D brawler.

She's described as an undead opera singer, though we've got the feeling she won't be belting out any arias soon. You need good lungs for that, right? Yeah, we're pretty sure you need a set of good, functioning lungs. She's Filia's rival and will sport a multi-stance kung fu fighting style, which we're looking forward to seeing.

Creating MikeZ showed off Squigly in an attempt to get Skullgirls into the EVO fighting game competition. Unfortunately, the game didn't make it, but you can still see Squigs in action when she becomes available for download.

Let us know what you think of this operatic skullgirl in the comments below!