Although there is a finite size limit on Sim City, Maxis wants to increase the city's maximum size in the future. In an interview with IncGamers, creative director Ocean Quigley said that performance issues were the reason for Sim City's current size.

"Given that was the performance constraint we decided to work under, we built a larger region environment and a bunch of the multiplay to work with 2km cities," said Quigley. "At some point in the future, especially with mainstream computers becoming more capable, we could certainly make the city sizes larger."

Broadening Sim City's scope may appeal to some, but universality is important to Quigley. "It's not a game that is only going to run on high-end gaming PCs, it has to run on your Dad's PC as well," he added.

Although size does matter, so does the actual rendering of a metropolis. Quigley describes the latest version as the most beautiful, richest, and deepest of the franchise. Whether those confident words have any merit will be determined when Sim City comes out March 5th on PC and this spring on Mac OS X.