The collaborative project between Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima starring Norman Reedus has gotten even creepier with this latest trailer for Silent Hills.

Just when you thought that Norman Reedus' character finally left the apartment building from P.T. and headed out into the town of Silent Hill, this new trailer keeps up the same creepy, stuck-in-a-hallway motif. Instead of being stuck in an apartment building, your character appears to be in a day care or preschool. This cinematic trailer goes from a macabre style of ambiance to flat out disturbing within seconds, especially when that boy picked up his decapitated head and bugs started spewing from his mouth. Upon running away from what he saw, the building's hallway started having the same kind of centipedes and other creepy crawlers oozing out of its walls.

After seeing a line of windup toys mysteriously moving by themselves, you see another child being eaten by a massively grotesque abomination. The creature chases you, with blood splattering along the walls as you run down the hallway. Being cornered, your only option is descend down a flight of stairs, going deeper into the building like in P.T. As we found out with Kojima's Playable Teaser, descending into the lower levels into a building only makes things much scarier than they were before.

Silent Hills doesn't have any sort of launch window attached to it yet, but we hope we won't be waiting too long to see what's hiding in the shadows.

It doesn't get much creepier than that, or does it?