Shovel Knight, one of the latest games to boast a Kickstarter success story, will wrap up its campaign later tonight, having blasted past its $75,000 goal and coming close to its final stretch goal. In order to celebrate their success, the devs at Yacht Club Games are entertaining the masses by live-streaming their gaming marathon.

As of this writing, fans have pledged $282,608 to Shovel Knight's completion, which is well beyond its original goal of $75,000. If it manages to hit the $300,000 mark before the campaign's end, it will reach the final stretch goal in which all bosses will become available in Battle Mode!

Their latest update features some of the winners of their fan art contest as well as a link to the live-stream of their gaming marathon, which will last all the way up to the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

There's still time to offer up your money and secure a copy of the game, so drop on by their Kickstarter page and pick a tier!