Best Buy is pretty good at knowing what new games are coming to their store shelves in the near future, and sometimes that knowledge turns into a surprise reveal. The retailer seems to have struck again with listings for a physical release of Shovel Knight, last year's 8-bit indie darling.

The listings show Shovel Knight hitting store shelves for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and 3DS this September, with no word of any other systems mentioned despite the game being available digitally on other platforms. Unfortunately, Best Buy has pulled these listings from its websites, but you can still see their covers in some of the links provided above.

Developer Yacht Club Games addressed the strange retail listings with a simple Tweet:

That's exactly what we'd expect a developer who didn't officially announce something like this to say when it leaks out. We don't blame Yacht Club for being secretive, but we also don't think that Best Buy would just post new listings for games willy-nilly without any concrete information to base it on.

We're all about Shovel Knight getting some physical shelf space, the more people exposed to this wonderful game the better. We do wonder about the consoles chosen to receive physical versions though, as Wii U would seem to be a much more logical choice. The game is going to grab two types of people: long-time players looking for a retro romp and small kids wondering what's with the cool knightly guy with the shovel. 3DS is a perfect fit for its retro-themed gaming on the go and the PS4 with its Kratos battle will grab some Sony fans. More importantly, the Battletoads will be fighting Shovel Knight in the Xbox One version, marking the amphibians' long awaited return to gaming.

We'll have more on Shovel Knight's physical release should Yacht Club Games ever officially announce it.