What what! Don't look now, but Shaquille O'Neal has returned to the medium where we've all been waiting to see him again -- video games!

That's right, Shaq's back in fighting shape and fully transformed. If you've been anxiously awaiting Mr. O'Neal's followup to 1995's beat-'em-up masterpiece that is Shaq Fu, wait no longer friends. Thanks to the good people at Hiptic Games, the world now has ShaqDown and that's all there is to it! In other words, the world now has Shaq Fu 2.

In ShaqDown, you once again step into the pontoon-sized shoes of the legendary NBA center and use those shoes to kick the heck out of whatever gets in your way. In the case of this game, that would happen to be a sentient breed of (you guessed it), zombies that have enslaved mankind! This sounds like a job for SuperShaqman.

The game takes place over three post-apocalyptic levels, each one packed full with tons of zombies to squash. After all, you can't spell "squash" without SHAQ! Or something like that.

Does this mean that it won't be long until we're treated to another rap album from The Big Aristotle? We can only hope. The rap game hasn't seen a line as tight as "Knick knack paddywhack give a Shaq a bone" ever since Shaq Diesel dropped.

Believe it or not, ShaqDown is available to download from the App Store for your iPhone and iPad and also Google Play right now. So what are you waiting for? Those sentient post-apocalyptic zombies aren't just going to take themselves to the paint. Throw some BOs!

Check out the trailer below: