Forget Big Boss, this trailer for Severed is filled with phantom pain.

This trailer for Severed focuses on a one-armed heroine in a touch screen-oriented adventure. The warrior uses Totems, which are armor pieces from defeated bosses. Think Mega Man, but with demonic limbs. You must use the Severing ability to force your enemies into an unprotected state so you can start lopping off some limbs. Once you cut them off, you're able to upgrade your gear and skills with the pieces you've collected. One of these powers is Sunder, which will wreck the enemies' defenses.

While Severed looks like it could have been a minor iOS or Android title, but once you see it in motion, you'll understand why it's heading to the Vita. We wonder how the face buttons of the handheld are going to interact with Severed.

Don't cut yourself as Severed is coming soon to PS Vita.