We here at Arcade Sushi are always excited to see any little morsel of BioShock Infinite information floating around in the ether. What have we found this time?

The folks over at Kotaku have gotten a hold of seven whole seconds of BioShock Infinite gameplay footage. The very brief, but oh-so-tasty look at the gameplay shows Booker DeWitt trying to fend off a Handyman, one of the game's heavy-hitting baddies.

The video features Elizabeth calling out to Booker offscreen, warning him of the Handyman as we see it jump around and smash an airship in half as if it were made of balsa wood. It's a little frightening, but altogether exhilarating to know that we'll face off against such a hulking menace who also has a surprising amount of agility.

The release date for Infinite is February 26, 2013, so you have a few more months to train up your visual acuity and make sure you can land those shots before a Handyman lands on you.