Fresh off the news about Kingdom Rush 2, we have another great game that will be getting a sequel soon. Ravenous Games has announced on the Touch Arcade forums that a followup to their great title Random Heroes will be arriving soon!

Appropriately, the new title will be called Random Heroes 2 and it's close to being finished. According to the forum post, the new game will have three chapters, each loaded with 30 stages and a boss. That's 90 stages for you art majors out there. Each one will have collectible stars and crystal skulls that you can use to upgrade your random hero.

A lot of iOS platformers suffer from finger crowding, especially on the iPhone, but this was never the case with the first Random Heroes. If this sequel is anything like the first game (and of course it will be and more), we are all in for another great platformer from Ravenous Games.

There's no confirmed release date yet for Random Heroes 2, but it sounds like they will be ready to save the day in the App Store sometime in early March.

For now, check out some of these great screenshots: