For all the powers one can bestow on a duck, why is controlling gravity so important for a bird? Gravity Duck will quickly answer that question when it hits the App Store on February 28th.

So why is mastering gravity more important than spitting fire out of a duck's bill? In the world of platform games, controlling one's environment is a more seamless way of completing a given level. With 100 levels to explore, Game Center achievements to accomplish, and iCloud game syncing, Gravity Duck is starting off on the right webbed foot.

Plus, it was developed by Ravenous Games, the creators behind last year's well-received platformer, Random Heroes, and League of Evil. Random Heroes 2 is also in production, but a release date for that title has not been announced.

Check out the Gravity Duck trailer and tell us if you think it will be all that it's quacked up to be.

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