Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronciles has got a war-face that people would actually cause people to start running towards her, rather than run away. Let's take a peek at some awesome shots of the character in our Cosplay of the Day.

She's one of the main antagonists in the game, but we just have trouble believing that someone so beautiful could be on the bad guys' side, but we just have to chalk it up to relativity. Selvaria is a Valkyria, an ancient and powerful race of warriors who can tap the energies within ragnite and use them to fuels abilities with devastating effects. One look at her shield and lance is enough to scare combatants into submission.

Here's returning cosplayer, Crystal Graziano, rocking it as Selvaria. You might remember her from her Ivy outfit that was featured last month. She seems to have an affinity for cosplaying silver-haired characters with strange weaponry, which is something we can definitely appreciate. She looks so legit that we haf expect her to start glowing blue!

Take a look at some of her other costumes on her deviantART page, and show some love for a cosplayer with such an amazing eye for detail and aesthetics.

Kenji Ono/David Yu
Aileen Luib/Eric Ng
Aileen Luib
Aileen Luib