Justice is back for a another serving as a supposed hacker from the Lizard Squad hacker group has been arrested for hacking, swatting, death threats and being involved in the cyber attacks against Xbox and PlayStation made on Christmas.

The UK's South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) has announced on its official Twitter that an 18-year-old man was apprehended in connection to last month's DDoS attacks on the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services, Kotaku reports. Right after New Year's Day, UK authorities arrested two people connected to the cyber attacks -- a 17-year-old male supposedly acting as a Lizard Squad spokesperson (most likely an Internet troll who got what was coming to him) and 22-year-old Vinnie Omari, who was one of the supposed hackers.

The Lizard Squad group of hackers claim responsibility for the cyber attacks. SEROCU cyber crime department head Craig Jones claims that a joint investigation between his team and the FBI is ongoing. Unfortunately, this new perpetrator has made bail and will be called back to court in May. Omari made bail as well and will be returning to answer for his crimes on March 10.

Here’s to hoping that each person involved with last month’s attacks get brought to justice.