Another supposed member of the hacker group claiming responsibility for the DDoS attacks on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network last week has been apprehended by police in the UK.

22-year-old Vinnie Omari has been arrested by UK police due to his supposed connections to the hacker group Lizard Squad and his ties to the DDoS attacks on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services on Christmas Eve and Day, Kotaku reports. Omari's computers and electronic devices were seized after UK police were able to get a search warrant based on his possible connections to the Lizard Squad's DDoS attacks. He was also being investigated for a series of alleged PayPal thefts that have been going on for the past two years. These PayPal allegations are seemingly unrelated to the Lizard Squad's activities. Omari made bail and will be appearing in court for the arrest on March 10. He originally stated on various media networks that he helped launched the attack. Of course, the severity of the ordeal has come to light and Omari is now claiming that he is not part of the group and did not help with the cyber attacks, despite his previous statements.

During Christmas Eve and Day, DDoS attacks took out both the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services to nefariously spite all those who had the holiday off and were trying to go online with their next-gen systems.

Earlier this week, a 17-year-old was arrested in Finland due to his association with Lizard Squad -- he was a self-proclaimed spokesperson for the group. After his incarceration, of course he claimed that he was not actually involved with the DDoS attacks done on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live and disavowed his previous actions and claims, which is probably going to be a pattern in most of these future Lizard Squad arrests.