BioWare announced two new downloadable content packs (one single-player, one multiplayer), for Mass Effect 3. Both packs will be coming over the next two weeks.

In "Citadel," players will return to the iconic hub world of the Alliance. There will be new areas to explore and familiar faces to reconnect with. This will be the final single-player add-on, and will give fans one final journey to go on with Shepard. "Citadel" will be available on March 5th for $15 (1200MSP).

Multiplayer fans will also be getting one last update in the form of "Reckoning." The free download will be available on Feb. 26th, and will grant access to even more new characters, weapons, and upgrades. BioWare will be streaming a preview of the "Reckoning" content on its Twitch channel on Feb. 25th.

To tide you over, we've got the last batch of screenshots from Mass Effect 3's latest add-ons. Check them out, and let us know your fondest memory of Shepard and his missions to stop the Reapers in the comments.