Today's feature stars one of the First Ladies of gaming (though we could have sworn she was initially a dude), Samus Aran from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption!

And this particular combo of Varia/Zero Suit Samus comes to us from Brazilian cosplayer, Thaís Jussim, who goes by the name of Yuki. If there are better Varia Suits out there, then we haven't seen them. We wouldn't be surprised if Yuki took a page out of Samus' book, rolled up into a ball, and then started bomb jumping away to chase after Ridley.

According to her devaintART page, the suit's arms, legs, and the blaster are made of a craft foam called EVA, the helmet and shoulders are made of fiberglass, the suit is painted with automotive paint, and the whole suit sports 73 LEDs. The project took six months to complete and cost about $350. We've gotta say, that's money well spent.

The Zero Suit is just as awesome and probably offered her more mobility to boot. But even more impressive than the Varia Suit and all of its components is Yuki's hair. Just look at it! Her 'do is perfectly coifed to match that of Samus'. That's attention to detail that gets you launched into the cosplaying hall of fame! But until that happens, let's all appreciate her hard work, here on Arcade Sushi's Cosplay of the Day.

Check out Yuki's array of other amazing cosplay creations on her Facebook and deviantART!

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Marcelo Colin/Cato Kusanagi
Cato Kusanagi