Rumors of an iPad Mini - a smaller, cheaper version of the current iPad - have been circulating for a while now. And they're continued to grow ever since Jeff Bezos unveiled the new version of the Kindle Fire in early September. Many speculate the iPad Mini will be Apple's answer to the Kindle Fire. But that's all we've had so far, just rumors and speculation.

But according to a recent post on All Things D, people who have knowledge inside Apple believe the company will have some big (or in this case, small), news to deliver at an Apple event on October 23rd. The actual details are sparse at best, but it's believed that the device, which will probably be called the iPad Mini, though that's no guarantee, will have a 7.85 screen that's a lower resolution than the current iPad. Because of the dearth of information, there are plenty of questions out there.

Arcade Sushi will be on top of any impact this might have in our world of iOS games. How will the current games be ported over to this new device? And will there be any that are specifically designed for it?

We'll all know more in about a week.

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