According to the guys over at PocketGamer.Biz, it looks like the next game from Rovio could be a third party title. Does this mean that the mobile gaming giant might be getting in to the publishing business? Possibly.

Tiny Thief is the game in question and it comes from 5 Ants, a game developer in Barcelona. In the game, you play a thief and you must spend your time doing thief type things like creating diversions, setting traps, and avoiding obstacles in order to beat each level. One quick look at the trailer for the game and it's clear why Rovio is interested. Tiny Theif has such polish and charm, it looks like it might have come from Rovio to begin with.

Rovio took a step in this direction late last summer, when they released Amazing Alex. While it was released as a Rovio game, they didn't have a hand in developing it. Instead, they bought and re-purposed a different game called Casey's Contraptions, which was developed by the teams at Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut. But going the third party publishing route is something else all together.

Look for Tiny Thief on the iPad and iPhone sometime in the spring.

Check out the trailer below: