Pantera Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its roller coaster and theme park builder Theme Park Studio. The $80,000 goal must be met by May 20th, and to date over $15,300 pledges have been generated.

With the custom flat rides designer, gamers can design and create custom rides or select from a library of pre-built rides. The title also has full 3D stereoscopic support which will hopefully give the roller coaster experience a deeper dimension. As players complete the landscaping and building of their respective park, they will also be able to watch their customers enjoy the theme park.

"It began as a project we wanted to build for the community, especially now that the future of other theme park franchises is in doubt," said Pantera Entertainment president Steve Fielding. "Our idea was to integrate our tools and technology into one massively powerful theme park creator that gives fans unprecedented control of their designs and creation."

Fans who pledge $5,000 will reach the executive producer level, which includes a stop at the Disneyland Hotel and an invite to the Theme Park Studio wrap party. For pledging just five dollars, will receive a themed wallpaper and their names will be added to Pantera's Kickstarter Hall of Fame.

"We're getting great feedback as word has spread about Theme Park Studio, and it's really exciting," added Fielding. "Crowd funding will enable us to produce a complete product with the features that people have been asking for, such as pre-built ride libraries, and get it to market much more quickly."

Pantera Entertainment is scheduled to release Theme Park Studio for PC this fall. If they reach their $130,000 stretch goal, a Mac version of the game will also come to fruition.